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As part of our benefit package, non-temporary employees who are regularly scheduled to work 20 or more hours per week are eligible to participate in our Section 125 Flexible Spending Account. The Flexible Spending Account provides employees the opportunity to participate in three types of benefit programs. These programs allow employees to reduce their salary with before-tax dollars to provide for reimbursement of eligible expenses. These types of expenses include group health premiums, unreimbursed eligible health-related expenses and dependent care expenses.

Group Health Premiums
Your salary reductions will be used to pay the premiums for the medical and dental plans you choose.

Unreimbursed Eligible Health-Related Expenses
Your salary reductions will be deposited into an account from which funds will be withdrawn to reimburse for eligible health expenses incurred, by you and your eligible family members, that are not covered by insurance. Expenses may include deductibles, co-insurance, prescription co-pays, vision care, over the counter medications, certain elective surgeries, etc. Here is a detailed list of FSA Eligible Expenses (PDF). Maximum contribution to this account is $3,200 per year starting in 2024.

Dependent Care Expenses
Your salary reductions will be deposited into an account from which funds will be withdrawn to reimburse you for qualified, work related, dependent care expenses, or for the care of an incapacitated spouse or dependent (defined by IRS Rules, Sec. 129). In many cases, deducting your day care expenses on a pre-tax basis will be more of an advantage than the tax credit. Maximum contribution to this account is $5,000 per year.

How Does it Work?

Before each plan year begins, employees may elect to have a portion of their salary placed in one or more of the reimbursement accounts on a before-tax basis. The dollars placed in these accounts will be deducted bi-weekly during the plan year. Eligible health-related expense not covered by health insurance, will be reimbursed from the health account up to the amount elected for the full plan year. Dependent care expenses are reimbursed from the dependent care account up to the amount actually deposited to date.

How Do I Access My Funds?

There are several options available for gaining access to the funds you have placed into your FSA.

Peak1 MasterCard

The convenient and easiest way to access funds is by using your MasterCard. By using the card at your physicians office, pharmacy and other locations, you have instant access to those funds. Payment for that service is just as easy as using a credit card, except funds are taken from your pre-funded account up to the amount of your yearly elections. Occasionally, you may need to send in other substantiation, such as a receipt, but many claims are auto-adjudicated on the spot. For more information on accessing your account, how to use your card, information on claims substantiation, and other helpful information view the Debit Card FAQ (PDF).

Mobile Pay **NEW

We are excited to announce the launch of the new Mobile Pay feature! Mobile payments are quickly becoming more popular as demand for contactless transactions continue to grow. Peak One Mobile Pay allows you to pay for eligible expenses, both in-store and online, using your digital wallet app on your mobile device!  See Mobile Pay FAQ for more information.

Online Claim Submission

Another option, if you choose not to use your card, is online claim submission. After an eligible expense is incurred you may submit your claim online by scanning your receipt into an acceptable format such as .pdf and upload that image into the claims submission site. Payment will only be paid out by direct deposit (PDF).

If you are new to the website, you will need to create an account.

How to Register at Peak1

Please go to and click register in the upper right hand corner. You will need to provide your Employer ID and Employee ID or Peak1 MasterCard Number (recommended), see instructions below. Once you register and sign in to your account, you can see your most up to date account information.

  • EmployeeID: City of Boise ID number.
  • EmployerID: PK10064

If you have any questions please contact or office at 866-315-1777 or email

Request for Reimbursement Form

An additional option is to submit your health related receipts by filling out a Health Reimbursement Form (PDF). Remember to include with the receipt(s), an Explanation of Benefit (EOB) or billing statement from your provider, and fax the forms to (855) 495-3669. Please download and complete this fax cover sheet (Word Doc).

Dependent care expenses are reimbursable only after the care provider has been paid. Expenses are reimbursed (PDF) from the Dependent Care Account up to the amount deposited to date.

In most cases, online or faxed claims are processed daily, excluding weekends and holidays, and paid on Monday, Wednesday and/or Friday, of receipt by the City's Administrator, Peak1 Administration. For additional information visit

What is The Cost if I Choose to Participate?

Boise City covers the cost of administering the plan with Peak1 Administration. The only cost to employees is the amount placed in the account(s) which will be reimbursed for incurred, eligible expenses.

The Importance of Planning

To get the most tax savings from the Flexible Spending Account, employees should plan contributions carefully. It is important to be conservative when estimating expenses for each plan year. IRS regulations require forfeiture of any money above $570 in 2024 ($610 is 2025), and in some cases, a minimum of $25, not reimbursed for expenses incurred during the plan year. Employees have ninety (90) days after the end of the plan year to request reimbursement for eligible expenses. If you have questions send an email to or call (208) 972-8090.

Please note, if you separate from the City, you will forfeit any funds that you are unable to use prior to your separation date.  Conversely, if you use all your funds before separation, you will not be asked for repayment.

Plan Documents

FSA Summary Plan Description (Word Doc)
FSA Adoption Agreement (PDF)

Peak1 Contact Information

Phone: 866-315-1777
Fax: 855-495-3669