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Wellbeing - a balance between the demands of a busy life, and our energy for meeting those demands.

Wellbeing can be experienced in several aspects of life: work, friends, family, learning, community, physical health, mental health, finances and more. Seven primary experiences of wellbeing support a balanced, successful and thriving life.

  • Energy: The experience of having enough mental and physical energy to do the things you want and need to do.
  • Meaning: The experience of feeling purpose and belonging in life: you know that your work and actions matter.
  • Connection: The experience of feeling supported, cared for, and accepted, and of having positive, trusting relationships.
  • Joy: The experience of great pleasure and contentment about your life and the things you do.
  • Development: The experience of growing and progressing in life, by learning from experiences, rising to meet challenges, and experiencing success and achievement.
  • Resilience: The experience of optimism for the future, gratitude for your comforts and accomplishments, and strength and endurance for tougher times.
  • Security: The experience of safety of from physical and psychological harm: your basic life needs are consistently met, and you have the freedom to be yourself, try new things, and be open to change.

Wellbeing Wheel

The Wellbeing Wheel is a worksheet to help you evaluate your wellbeing through the seven primary experiences.

Download the Wellbeing Wheel

Program Contact

Cory Budak
Wellbeing Program Specialist
Phone: (208) 972-8507

Boise Healthy Life Acknowledgement and Release of Liability Waiver

As a condition of my participation in the City’s wellness programs and activities, I acknowledge and understand that the wellness programs and activities offered by the City of Boise are voluntary and are not required by my employment. I also acknowledge and understand that I am not within the scope and course of my employment while participating in the wellness programs or activities, whether they are on a group or individual basis and whether they are during work hours or outside of work hours. I knowingly and freely assume all risks and assume full responsibility for all wellness programs and activities I participate in, and I hereby waive, release and hold the City harmless from any and all claims I may have for any and all injury, damage or loss arising from my participation in any wellness programs and activities. I understand I am encouraged to consult with my medical providers prior to beginning any physical activity or dietary changes.