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St. Luke's Health Partners is a valued based care program. This means your provider is reimbursed based on quality of care and patient outcomes. On this plan, the provider has a vested interest in making you better!

Have questions? Review these FAQ's.

Physician search link; from the network drop down box on the top right, choose Blue Cross of Idaho Carepoint/BMHCT and enter your zip code to search for physicians.  Please note that Primary Health and many other independent providers are part of the St. Luke's network.

Once you find a provider you wish to visit you can call 208-381-2DAY. This team will be able to search and find the next available appointment with a Primary Care Physician (PCP) within St. Luke’s.

Looking for urgent care under the SLHP?  You can check this list.  You may also utilize OnDemand for virtual urgent care. This not only provides instant treatment, but the OnDemand team can also arrange a follow-up appointment, if necessary, with a PCP.



Supporting Healthcare Across Idaho

With Value-based Care Plans in 20 Counties

St. Luke's Health Partners contracts with providers and healthcare facilities on behalf of our insurance carrier partners throughout the state of Idaho (operating as BrightPath in regions 1 and 3).

Region 2 is divided into three geographic areas, each led by a population health director. These directors work closely with provider groups to support the transitions and management of value-based operations and outcomes.

Plan on traveling? If you find yourself in an emergency outside of the SLHP network, you may still be covered.

Emergency Services include a condition reflected by sudden and unexpected symptoms that are severe enough that a reasonably prudent layperson with average knowledge of health and medicine would expect extreme consequences to result without immediate medical care. These consequences include placing the health of the individual (or, regarding a pregnant woman, the health of the woman or her unborn child) in serious jeopardy, serious impairment to bodily functions, or serious dysfunction of any bodily organ or part. Emergency Medical Conditions, include but are not limited to, heart attacks, cerebrovascular accidents, poisonings, loss of consciousness or respiration, and convulsions, Mental or Nervous Condition, Substance Use Disorder or Addiction.